DIME Student Spotlight: Guitar Senior Chris Terry

DIME is excited to present its first ever Guitar and Bass Showcase, TONIGHT in our Underground venue. The event, which is sponsored by 89X, will feature performances from DIME Faculty Damon Warmack, Kris Kurzawa, Mo Hollis, Cory Allen, and Matt Callaway! DIME Detroit students will also hit the stage to showcase their talents!

One of those students is Chris Terry, a Senior at DIME who was one of the first students to enroll at DIME in 2014! Chris is now in his final semester studying on the BA (Hons) Creative Music Performance. We sat down with Chris to find out about his experiences at DIME and what inspired him to study guitar.

Who is your biggest musical influence and why?

I had two huge influences growing up, who still influence me today – Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page. What I love about both of these guys is that they aren’t necessarily the most technically gifted, but they have so much courage and fearlessness on stage. Even if they didn’t always hit the right notes, their stage presence and confidence were so powerful.

What age did you first pick up a guitar?

I was 11 years old when I got my first electric guitar. After that I had some lessons, but really was self-taught until I joined DIME on the Certificate program in 2014.

What made you choose to study with us?

I wanted to further my musical ability, become a better improviser and learn different styles of music. I didn’t know how to do any of these things before I came to DIME. After visiting and talking to staff about the program, I knew I would get what I needed from DIME to improve my ability and to have a career playing music.

What have you found most rewarding about your studies at DIME?

The most rewarding thing is how comfortable I have become on my instrument. I’ve learned so much – scales, chords, different styles and genres – which means that composing my own songs is easier and more rewarding. All of the knowledge I’ve gained on this degree has allowed me to make my own music and express myself creatively.

What are your long-term goals in music?

I plan on playing music forever! My long-term goals are to tour the world and see new places in the process. I want to put out an album that my grandchildren can listen to one day! I also want to be able to take care of my family and provide for them. I hope one day to get into teaching and have my own residency. In the short term, I have a tour lined up starting in Colorado on 17th June.

What will you be playing for us tonight?

I’m excited to be playing a song called ‘Shining Star’ by Earth Wind and Fire!

Chris Terry playing at the DIME, End of Semester showcase

Chris Terry playing at the DIME, End of Semester showcase


Check out Chris at the Guitar & Bass Showcase: tonight, Wednesday, March 28th. Doors open 6:30 pm and the show starts at 7pm. This event is free and open to the public! You can find all the details on our Facebook Event.