DIME DETROIT is custom built for serious musicians who desire a long-term, professional career in today’s music industry. The courses are designed to build strong musical foundations, which allow students to seize opportunities for long and sustained careers.

DIME’s approach to teaching music is unique. Our measures of success are different from others. All of our high-level courses are for musicians and entrepreneurs who wish to excel and maximize their musical ability, while learning how the music business works from current industry professionals.

At DIME, we never forget the importance of earning a living from music. Navigating your way around the music industry is a complicated business and learning from experience is the best way. DIME’s founders and instructors have that experience. You will discover how to build your musical career from people who have enjoyed sustained success.

DIME Detroit has partnered with Metropolitan State University of Denver to offer Bachelor of Arts degrees in Commercial Music Performance (guitar, bass, drums and vocals), Commercial Songwriting, and Music Industry Studies.  Students take classes in Techniques and Improvisation, Live Performance Workshop, Music Theory, Domestic Music Market, and many more relevant classes.

We deliver this program using a cohort model, which gives you the opportunity to graduate in 4 years, so you can reach your working potential and fast-track your career.  We will help you direct all your energy towards the areas of your ability that will help you reach your personal and professional goals.

At DIME, you will be performing in bands, meeting industry professionals, mastering technique, promoting your own shows, developing your voice, arranging your songs and many other exciting aspects of career development. Whether you’re a performer, songwriter, or an aspiring music entrepreneur who is unsure of how to move up to the next level in the music business. DIME’s innovative programs are designed to help you take the next step towards a career in today’s music industry.

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