Students often feel a strong urge to migrate to the great cities of the world to begin their independent life – but what city to choose? History, culture, recreation, affordability – all of these and more are characteristics of a city worthy of consideration. One characteristic, however, is especially important to the new generation of young adults: where can one go to make a real difference in that community? Where you can form your own legacy?

Countless articles have been written over the past several decades about Detroit’s condition, too many of them negative. Recently, a new trend has emerged when describing the state of the city. Detroit is now a city in the throes of reinvention. A city for doers. A city of creative innovation. Often the best expression is a consequence of hard times and even stronger resilience. The music, art, and innovation of Detroit are perhaps the best modern examples of this found anywhere. Come join the new generation or artists and musicians making Detroit the preeminent example of perseverance, inventiveness, and efficiency.

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Downtown Detroit has become the core of Detroit revitalisation efforts, with a strong emphasis on the “live, work, play” lifestyle. Between Downtown and its adjacent neighbourhoods, including Midtown, Eastern Market, Rivertown, Corktown, Woodbridge, and others, you are bound to find a living arrangement that meets your personal style and enough entertainment to fill your free time.

The Detroit Riverfront is a magnet for those with an active lifestyle and an eye for panoramic beauty. The city has recently emerged as a hotbed of culinary expertise, ranging from the iconic Lafayette Coney Dog to the Rabbit Ragu at the nationally acclaimed Selden Standard. Shop fresh and local at Eastern Market, which is complimenting its famous Saturday produce with various weekly specialty markets. Midtown is blossoming with shops featuring goods manufactured in the US. St Andrews Hall, the UFO Factory, and the Fillmore are a few of many diverse and storied venues at which to see your favorite bands. When you begin to think you’ve close to seen and done it all -- a new storefront will open, a new restaurant will amaze, and a new Detroit will innovate in a way seen no where else. Come live, play, learn, and create in one of the most inspiring cities in the world, Detroit.


Eastern Market

Eastern Market is a thriving community market just a mile from DIME, that takes place every Saturday morning and Tuesday evening. It's our go-to for seasonal produce, artisan bread, flowers, and locally made Detroit produce; and comes highly recommended by the DIME team!

Slow Roll

Slow Roll is an experience like no other! Every Monday night from April - October, thousands of people meet up at various locations around Detroit to see the city by bike. Its a great way to meet people, explore the neighborhoods of city and feel part of the community. The DIME team are regulars!

Heidelberg Project

​Detroit is not only home to amazing music, but has a vibrant art scene too. A unique example of this is the Heidelberg Project which begun 28 years ago on Detroit's East Side. The brainchild of artist Tyree Guyton, the project takes abandoned homes and their contents and turns them into remarkable pieces of art. A must-see.

Marche Du Nain Rouge

​​Taking place in March each year, this parade celebrates liberation from the 'Nain Rouge' - a red devil who embodies all that is negative in the world. The spirit of the parade celebrates the positive; embodying the spirit of the founder of Detroit, who famously chased the devil away from the city as far back as 1701. Be prepared to encounter the brilliant and bizarre at this uniquely Detroit event.

​Shinola Watches

Shinola is an American company that has chosen to make Detroit home. Hand-crafting each watch in their factory in the heart of Midtown, the company has become a symbol of Detroit's resurgence and the return of industry to the city.

​Movement Festival

Detroit music isn't all about Motown and garage rock! It also hosts the Movement Festival, one of the world's largest gatherings of techno fans. Held over three days in May at Hart Plaza by the banks of the Detroit River, Movement is an experience not to be missed.

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