Your Network

At DIME DETROIT you have access to our community and network of music professionals. All have the knowledge experience that will help you to achieve your career goals.

At DIME DETROIT you will come into contact with a range of artists, practitioners, educators, support and administrative staff.

Your network includes DIME’s Head of Education, Learning Technologist, your Head of Department and Faculty members. While you will enjoy regular contact with these people during your time with DIME, you also have access to any DIME Team member from the finance department to the directors.

We are all passionate about helping you navigate your place in the music industry. So make sure you connect with us and share your projects, songs and music on a regular basis.

Your experience will also be enhanced by a larger network of industry professionals and educators who will provide master classes, Q&A’s, Quizzes and interviews segments. There are also many who have contributed to the course content and module content over the years.

As part of your network, we also encourage you to join the social media pages and groups and to check in frequently to the VLE community.