Bachelor of Arts in Music


  • Oakland University have collaborated to continue to offer degrees at DIME Detroit
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What classes are on offer in Summer 2021?

Commercial Music Performance 

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Live Tour Management
This course will examine the details of designing and managing a live tour at a local, national, and international scale. In the current music industry, live touring is often times the most important and lucrative component of an artist’s career. Students will learn how to logistically plan and budget for various sizes of venues and lengths of outings. Students will hone their skills particularly in logistics organization, time management, and financial forecasting.
The Politics of A&R
The Politics of Artist & Repertoire class will examine the issues, difficulties and controversies that sometimes arise when discovering, signing and developing new talent in the professional music industry. The class will study the history of these issues, which very often reflect the world politics of the eras in which they take place. This class will examine and compare both old and new models of artists and repertoire practice. Students will gain an understanding of how industry professionals learned to navigate the complex politics between the various stakeholders in the music industry, and how Artist & Repertoire is, in itself, often an inherently political exercise.


OU@DIME students can also take any General Education course of offer at Oakland University.  For more information, please visit:


In Summer 2020, Oakland University and DIME collaborated to offer classes to musicians, songwriters and entrepreneurs who want long-term careers in the modern and commercial music industry.

Students will have access to all the general education classes at Oakland University.

These classes will provide you with an opportunity to specialize in guitar, bass, drums, vocals, songwriting and music business classes.  There aims is to give you the high level skills and ability to develop an authoritative, individual approach to performance, songwriting and business knowledge.  Upon completion of your degree, you will have established a varied portfolio of creative work and have an understanding of how to develop your own unique approach to your specialism and the wider industry.

Under the guidance and supervision of OU@DIME faculty and highly respected artists, you will perform as a soloist and within bands to devise systematic and effective practice routines, compositional processes, and general musicianship skills. Alongside the creative development of instrumental technique, performance, and composition skills, you will develop research and writing skills and reflect critically on your practice.


  • DIME Detroit faculty are world class artists and educators, active in the music industry and educational practice.
  • Direct engagement with the industry through project-based work.
  • Students are guided and encouraged to develop their own individual area(s) of expertise.
  • Collaboration within a broader musical community; your regular interaction with peers and faculty groups is enhanced by live events and other extra-curricular activities including: master classes, private tutorial sessions, End of Semester Shows, regular Open House events, and one-off events in which DIME partners with local musicians and organizations.

How are the courses taught?

During Covid-19, DIME classes are being taught online, some OU classes are online and some are in-person.

For DIME classes, students are given access to DIME’s Virtual Learning environment, that can be accesses on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones.  This means that students can study, any time, any place, and gives students the flexibility to study when they can.

Some faculty are also offering face-to-face online lectures, that are recorded and shared.  All students have full flexibility during this pandemic,  and faculty are committed to helping students succeed during this time.

Here are some of the ways classes are taught:

Group lectures within the institute environment, where all students will learn in groups regardless of their instrument.

Specialist lectures within the institute environment, where students will learn in specialist instrument specific groups.

Weekly lectures with instruction by world-class industry professionals who have vast experience in the music industry.

Regular One-To-One Tutorial Guidance from all faculty and team members.  You may discuss matters relating to the course, music performance, career planning and student care.

Exclusive Masterclasses from renowned artists, educators and industry professionals.