Financial Aid & Scholarships

Financial Aid

Students on the MSU Denver at DIME Detroit program are eligible to apply for financial aid and are encouraged to complete a FAFSA and apply early! Students who apply before March 1st are always eligible for more funding.

When completing a FAFSA, please make sure to add MSU Denver's school code: 001360

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MSU Denver at DIME

MSU Denver at DIME is able to offer a number of full and partial scholarships for the Bachelor of Arts in Music programs offered. We are committed to offer scholarships to musicians, songwriters, and entrepreneurs who are most in need.

Requirements: Students must have submitted a FAFSA and completed all requirements through MSU Denver's Office of Financial Aid. Students must complete the paper application and submit a 1000-word personal statement to be considered. 

Fall 2020 application available: March 2020

Applebaum Fellows Scholarship Program at DIME

Do you aspire to be an entrepreneur? A leader in the industry? DIME Detroit and Applebaum Family Philanthropy are honored to offer the opportunity for DIME Detroit students to reduce student debt and gain important business and community leadership skills.

The Applebaum Fellows Scholarship program at DIME Detroit is a mentorship and scholarship program for highly motivated students interested in developing entrepreneurial business and community leadership skills. Selected fellows benefit from individual and group mentorship and entrepreneurial knowledge and experience that extends beyond their classroom studies. Fellows will also initiate a community service music project that will highlight their entrepreneurial determination and skills alongside their passion for arts, culture and music.

Fall 2020 Application available: June 2020.


The MSU Denver Foundation offers hundreds of privately funded scholarships to students every year, based on academics, achievement and financial need.

Requirements: Students must apply through MSU Denver's online application system. The priority deadline to complete the general scholarship application process is March 1stalthough students are encouraged to submit after this date through to November 1st. Applications received on or before March 1st are given priority consideration.

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MSU Denver offers a variety of Institutional Scholarships. These funds are awarded based on a first-come first-served basis.

Requirements: Students must have submitted a FAFSA and have a complete financial aid file with MSU Denver's Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships. Students must be enrolled in a minimum of six credit hours, and in their first bachelor's degree. Students must also have a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher at MSU Denver from your last semester / high school / the most recent institution you attended.

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Raise-Me Micro Scholarships

Students can sign up for freeand earn up to $4000 in scholarships from MSU Denver for your high school achievements! This program allows you to earn scholarships to MSU Denver while you are still in high school. When MSU Denver awards student scholarships on RaiseMe, we are guaranteeing these scholarships will be included in your financial aid package after you are admitted.

Requirements: Complete your RaiseMe profile by March 1st of your senior year and be sure to follow MSU Denver! Students must apply for admission to MSU Denver by July 1st, have a high school GPA of 3.25 or better (maintain a 2.0 at MSU for annual renewal), be a Colorado resident, be enrolled in a minimum of six (6) credit hours per term.)

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External Scholarships

There are hundreds of external scholarships provided by organizations that are not specifically affiliated with MSU Denver such as charitable foundations, labor unions, memorial scholarships, your local high school, state and federal government and many others.

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Work Study

Students that are interested in applying for a work-study job at DIME Detroit should get in touch with us. We typically announce Fall openings in June, and they will be posted on MSU Denver's jobs website. If you are interested in getting a work study position and earning up to $6,000 per year, call us at 313-223-1600 or email to let us know.