Monthly Archives: November 2020

Essential Lockdown Guitar Maintenance

By Tristan Seume, Professional Guitarist & DIME Online Learning Technologist Everyone knows that professionalism includes taking responsibility for the things under your own control. And whilst live music is taking some time off, now’s the perfect chance to take stock of your gear, making sure it’s fit for purpose and ready for when you’re back on… Read more »

How to Stay Creative During Covid-19

By Mike Sturgis, Head of Education, DIME Online As COVID-19 continues to limit professional opportunities for those involved in the music industry, the response from many has been to focus even harder on creative endeavours. And while we can sometimes have moments of inspiration come to us in organic ways, creativity is often something that needs… Read more »

Music Income Streams During the Pandemic

By Tristan Seume, Professional Guitarist and DIME Online Learning Technologist If you were a performing artist in 2019, the chances are you haven’t been in 2020. It’s been tough, hasn’t it? But don’t despair – re-evaluating what you do is a periodic necessity regardless of whether it’s been enforced by a global pandemic or not. Let’s… Read more »

Streamlining Your Live Streaming

by Tristan Seume, Learning Technologist, DIME Online Introduction Post-lockdown, live streaming has become a lifeline for many artists to stay connected to their fans, earn a little money and, quite frankly, stay positive while the venues are shut. But live streaming has its challenges. If you’ve yet to give it a go, read our practical… Read more »