10 Reasons DIME is the Right Choice for Music Students

1: Masterclasses

Learn from the best in the business. Legendary and experienced names in the music industry come to DIME to share their vast knowledge with our students. Guests who have visited DIME include George Clinton, Stevie Wonder’s band, and pictured below: Adele’s guitarist, Tim Van Der Kuil, Allen Stone, Alessia Cara, Nate Watts and 30 Seconds to Mars guitarist, Tomo Milicevic.2: DIME Sessions Albums/Original 1265 Recordings

Every year, DIME releases an album through its Detroit-based record label Original 1265 Recordings! Students whose tracks are accepted onto the album get to record in a professional recording studio with an experienced producer. Then, a physical album is made and digital tracks are distributed worldwide on iTunes, Spotify etc. Having a professional recording of one of your original songs is a great step towards having a career in the music industry.

3: Networking

Knowing other musicians and having good contacts within the music industry is a crucial part of your career – FACT. At DIME, students are surrounded by like-minded musicians who are also looking to kick-start their careers in the music industry. Getting projects and bands together couldn’t be easier, and finding a song writing partner or a drummer for your band becomes a much less stressful experience. Check out our student stories from Angelo Coppola (Year 3 Music Entrepreneurship), and Ryan Haley (Year 1, Guitar), and Lizzy Berg (Year 1, Vocals.) One of our graduates, Kiara Jackson, wrote a really great piece about networking before graduating and going on to work for Republic Records in NYC!

4: World-class instructors/team

The instructors at DIME are highly trained and experienced musicians/music business professionals. They come into every class excited and passionate about inspiring the next generation of musicians, songwriters, and music entrepreneurs. DIME Detroit is lucky to have instructors like Antea Shelton (Songwriting,) Liz Gray (Vocals,) and many more who have had and are still having great careers in the music industry.

Even the staff at DIME Detroit is experienced and passionate about music education. Our Head of Institute, Karl Middleton, toured internationally for the better part of a decade with his critically acclaimed band, Earthtone9, then worked in label management and promotions. Our Head of Recruitment and Admissions, Elise McCoy, has been performing in Detroit bands like MPV and Bogart, as well as producing tracks for Adventures with Vultures and writing/performing with Jena Irene Asciutto. Our Recruitment and Admissions Assistant, Dave Vessella, performs in Virginia Violet and the Rays, and the Theatre Bizarre Orchestra. Our receptionist, Allye Gaietto, is an amazing songwriter and performer. The list goes on and on!

5: Degree programs built for success

DIME’s programs prepare you for a long and sustainable career in the music industry. Our unique programs are designed to get the best out of your musical ability. Our core classes such as Live Performance Workshop prepare you to work with other top musicians and play in a band with drums, bass, guitar and vocals. All of the classes include an element of industry insight, preparing you for real-life music industry experiences.

6: One-to-Ones

As a DIME student you are able to arrange one-to-ones (which are 20 minute sessions) with any of our instructors and staff. These meetings are not limited to your chosen discipline. As a guitar student, for example, you can meet with a songwriting, vocal, bass, drums, or music industry studies instructor for a session focused on anything you may need to improve on or talk about. One-to-ones prove to be a valuable resource to students who are multi-instrumentalists or who want to develop their skills in other areas.

7: Performance Opportunities & Music Industry Experience

DIME students have become part of the music scene here in Detroit. We have hosted hundreds of shows featuring local artists and bands, and as a student, you get lots of opportunities to showcase your talent. Our end of semester shows are always packed! Student performers and songwriters can play their own songs or cover popular hits, music industry studies students can also perform or get involved in booking and running the events in the Underground @ DIME.

8: Career support/advice

We are a very supportive team at DIME, and we are all committed to getting you through your degree and giving you help when you need it. We may be a small team but we are mighty in our approach to student support, wellness, and guidance with your studies. We also have a hands-on approach to helping you through your professional career.

9: State-of-the-art facilities

When you walk into a DIME building, you are stepping into the music industry. Each of our studios is equipped with industry standard equipment and instruments. From guitars, basses, drum kits, PA systems, mixers, and amps, all of this equipment is available for students daily in their classes and shows.  Our facilities help learning stay creative and fun!

10: Unique cohort experience – go through it all together!

Your time at DIME will be unlike any other experience you have seen in traditional music colleges. This program is delivered using a cohort model, which means that students will follow a prescribed a class sequence, attend full time, and progress with their cohort throughout the 4-year program. This model exists to help students build supportive and encouraging relationships with their classmates over time and aims to have students graduated and working in the music industry in four years.

To schedule an audition or to learn more about our programs, call 313-223-1600, or email us at info@dime-detroit.com