Student Spotlight: Ryan Haley (Guitar)

DIME Detroit caught up with one of our newest students,  Ryan Haley who is studying the Commercial Music Performance (Guitar)  degree program.

Ryan 2

1.What is your background in music and education?
I started playing guitar when I was 9, and went through a whole mess of band programs in high school. I was big into playing Tuba, and almost went after that as a career! Eventually, I got wise and decided to run with guitar, which was my primary instrument anyway.

2.How did you find out about DIME Detroit?
I first found out about DIME through the Keith Moon drum contest that was filmed when The Who came to town last and played on the big screen at the concert at Joe Louis. I thought that it was such a cool idea, and was the first things that drew me to DIME.

 3.What made you choose to apply to study with us?
I think it was DIME’s accessibility and welcoming recruitment staff that drove me to pursue an education in music. Financial Aid for me was IMPOSSIBLE to figure out, (as I’m hoping a lot of other people understand) and I never felt intimidated or hesitant to ask Elise, Drew, or anyone else for answers.

 4.What are your short and/or longer term academic and career goals?
I think more than anything, I want to feel good about myself as a musician. To be able to call myself proficient as a guitar player and be really comfortable in saying so is all I’ve ever been after.

 5.What do you find most rewarding about your studies so far?
Having instructors that can give me consistently challenging and valuable content to play or learn. Being a guitarist at DIME gives me a sense that a plateau in skill doesn’t exist. There’s always something to improve, and the faculty here have really helped me attack many of my bad playing habits.

 6.What do you find most challenging about your studies and how do you plan to overcome that challenge?
I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself to be a good player. Being surrounded by outstanding musicians at every glance makes this a really easy habit to fall into. So far, the best plan I’ve devised to overcome that feeling is to just play and practice as much as I can. Hopefully one day I can catch up to the curve!

7.Who are some of your music influences? / Who is your role model?
I’ve always wanted to be as versatile and as dedicated to my roots as Eric Clapton is. He’s been my favorite guitarist since I fell into Blues music, and has a really great catalog of tunes to listen to and learn from.

Ryan 4