Why choose DIME Detroit over a traditional music college experience?

Why choose DIME Detroit over a traditional music college experience?

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Dalton Sitzler performing at a recent student showcase at DIME Detroit.


Dalton Sitzler was set to attend the prestigious school of music at Belmont University in Nashville after his high school graduation – at least until he learned about and was accepted to DIME Detroit.

“DIME was a game-changer,” said Dalton, a drummer. “I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to learn and study under professionals who are out there making a career out of music like we want to do.”

Sitzler and other students say the key difference between DIME Detroit and studying music at a traditional college is the driving focus on preparing musicians for a career in the industry. DIME Detroit’s unique approach favors experience-based studies in modern, popular music over a curriculum that is more oriented to educate music teachers or extend learning for traditional jazz or classical performers.

At DIME Detroit, students will dive into music history, but specialize in songwriting, music industry studies, guitar, bass, drums or vocals. Musicians and entrepreneurs learn how the industry works and how to earn a living. They’ll learn publishing and copyright, marketing and promotion techniques as well as business finance.

Students will meet industry professionals across the spectrum of work that is available. Funk superstar George Clinton has been a masterclass guest. Tim Van Der Kuil, guitarist for Adele, as well as Republic Records President, Charlie Walk, have also been guests at DIME Detroit.

Steven Showers, the father of guitar student Jimmy Showers, said moments like that form contacts that will build a network and the basis of a career.

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Students celebrating the end of the 2016-17 school year in The Underground @ DIME.

“What sold us was the quality of the staff and the fact that they come from the industry,” Steven said. “They harness talent and teach students exactly what they’re going to do and what they’re going to encounter in the music profession.

“Other colleges aren’t doing that. This is career development.”

Will Daniels, another drum student, said there is no comparison between what he’s been able to do at DIME Detroit and what other friends at schools of music have achieved. Daniels has joined multiple bands, been exposed to music venues and launched an entertainment company.

“It’s real here,” Will said. “There’s no wasted time or energy.”

Like many college students, Jack Reedy says his years at DIME Detroit are the best of his life. He bases that on the relationships he’s formed and his progression as a musician, strides he says he couldn’t have made at a traditional school of music.

“They’ve taken us from kids playing in the basement to being ready to be on the ‘A’ list of music professionals,” Jack said. “That’s the most simplistic way to say why DIME is the best choice.”

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