Trevor Powers Mulberry Violence Tour Live at The Underground at DIME Saturday, October 13th

Trevor Powers Mulburry

Trevor Powers Mulberry Violence Tour Live at The Underground at DIME Saturday, October 13th

Date: Saturday, October 13, 2018

Live at The Underground @ DIME

Doors: 7pm

Ticket Price: $16 ADV // $18 DOS

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See Trevor Powers “Flim It All” video below





Trevor Powers Bio

Trevor Powers (born March 18, 1989, in San Diego, CA) is an American musician, producer, and composer based in Boise, ID. While taking crash courses in classical theory, jazz, and ancient modes throughout the time that followed, Powers started making music experiments inspired by the visual works of artists such as Francis Bacon, Sister Gertrude Morgan, and Harry Clarke. Lining his walls in crude print-outs of pictures, he found graphic saturation helped inform the social and spiritual themes of his music.

For two years, Powers crafted his own library of sounds, grotesque and bewitching, to serve as the backbone to the poetry he had been writing while traveling between Europe, Asia, and the United States. Embracing a combination of noise, beauty, and mercurial avant-pop atmospheres, he began molding these experiments into songs highlighting the intersection of unity and chaos, nightmares, and the invisible forces at war within the human self.

Retreating to Tornillo, Texas, Powers brought his songs and a handful of contributors to Sonic Ranch, a residential studio complex in the middle of a 2,300-acre orchard, to record Mulberry Violence – the debut album under his birth name. The six-week tracking process consisted of fusing together and manipulating elements recorded over the previous two years with textures, arrangements, and programming created at the ranch. The album was mixed in Los Angeles by frequent Beyoncé collaborator Stuart White.