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Ableton Live Crash Course w/ DJ Head; Sept 25-29

REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED DIME Detroit and Spin Inc. Present ABLETON LIVE CRASH COURSE WSG Instructor: Grammy-award-winning producer: DJ Head (Eminem, Jay-Z) Sept 25-29, 7-10pm Learn about workflow, sampling, EQ, Effects, MIDI, Slicing, Looping, and Triggering on Ableton Live from DJ Head! Equipment provided, limited space.     Questions? Contact us today at or call 313-223-1600  … Read more »

DIME Detroit Short Courses – Feb 21st

DIME is kicking off 2017 with a new set of short courses for you to improve and hone your musical skills! Click here to register today! RAISE YOUR VOICE Meets Tuesdays for 6 weeks from 7-9pm beginning February 21st. Raise Your Voice returns, this time with DIME instructor, Chris McCall, bringing her wealth of experience… Read more »

Mix Sessions 102 DJ Short Course – October 11th

DJ Stacey Hotwaxx Hale leads the second installment of Mix Sessions – focusing on intermediate level techniques in beatmatching, breaks, sequencing and more. This class meets Tuesday nights from 7-10pm for 6 weeks beginning October 11th $299 For more information or to register, please call 313-223-1600 or email

Raise Your Voice Short Course – October 12th

Through this exciting short course, vocalists will improve and strengthen their singing technique, learn how to improvise riffs/runs and melodic ideas, understand microphone techniques that will allow them to get the most out of their voice, and concepts that will help performers command a stage and captivate an audience. Vocal instructor Liz Gray has coached… Read more »

Your Song Short Course – October 12th

Songwriting can be a daunting concept – putting your feelings and stories out into the world, performing them on stage, or pitching them to another artist to record and perform can be an intimidating process. This course is designed to teach songwriters multiple methods of expressing their ideas through lyrics and melody, allowing them to… Read more »

Beatmaking Theory Short Course – October 12th

What are the building blocks of a beat? This course breaks down the elements of music that make listeners want to dance, bob their head, or sing along to an instrumental backing track. While exploring the basics of music production, recording, and beatmaking, students will also learn the concepts of sequencing drum beats, understanding different… Read more »

Music Biz Basics Short Course – October 12th

How does an artist forge a path from the recording studio to the top of the charts? This informative course will examine the basics of protecting songs and compositions through copyright, how songs and are placed and licensed to major artists, labels, films, television, and commercials, and how to get an artist or album noticed,… Read more »

Keys Concepts Short Course – October 12th

Piano and keyboards are a dominant force in the worlds of composition, performance, and production, and this course is intended to open the door for students to begin understanding the concept of keys. Students will learn the basics of scales and chords, through which songwriters derive melodies and arrangements for songs of all genres. They… Read more »