Student Spotlight: Lex Whyms (BA Creative Songwriting)

  1. Soon-to-be songwriting graduate, Lex Whyms, answered a few questions about her experience at DIME, her current musical projects, and future endeavors. Lex has really made her mark on DIME, with several memorable performances at our student shows, and a 3-time featured artist on our school’s annual student album, DIME Sessions. We can’t wait to see what she does post-graduation! Learn more about Lex below…
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  3. What is your background in music and education? When did you start studying at DIME?
  4. I began playing flute in fourth grade and played all the way through high school. Right after graduating high school, DIME was in its beginning stages. I signed up right away in 2014 and have been here ever since.

Who are some of your influences?
Michael Jackson, Nina Simone, Lauryn-Hill, Frank Ocean, OutKast, and Erykah Badu, just to name a few.

Tell us about your project, New Soul! We loved the new record! Do you have any other projects that you’re working on?
Elbow Room is the official last album for the duo New Soul. Hopefully, it showed people that Walt Dolla and I explore more than just soul and that we pull from many different influences like rap, expressive scatting, Christian/gospel, and more. Right now, I’m creating music under the moniker Al’Exist and working on a Solo album that I have hope will be released in 2019. Look out for that 😉




You are the only student who has been featured on all three DIME albums! Can you tell us a bit about this experience?
I just love the experience as a whole, from the pre-production all the way to mixing levels at the end of a recording session. I love the collaborative effort done by the musicians, singer/songwriters, vocalists, producer and engineer. Prayerfully, you’ll see me on DIME Sessions Vol IV album for this last go-around!



How has the program at DIME helped you to develop as a Songwriter and entrepreneur? Are there any specific classes or projects that come to mind?
DIME has challenged me to become a better artist. I found out so many things about myself just by showing up to class and doing the work. I’ve learned how fast I can lay a demo, or write a song. I’ve even found my love for production, and now that’s something I do. This last year, especially with all the independent work, has really pushed me to know who I am as an artist and how do I want to brand/represent myself. I truly am grateful of all the instructors and staff for believing in me and pushing me to be a better musician and business woman.

You’re about to graduate. What are your short and long-term career goals?
Whoa, I know right? My short term goal is to be an artist (singer/songwriter/producer) who is successfully and independently touring and recording my own music. My long term goal is to cultivate the music scene in Detroit and bring something like South by Southwest in Austin, Texas to Detroit in a classic Detroit way. People go out to Atlanta, Nashville, New York, and LA to start off their music career and I want to help Detroit become one of those places. It should already be one.

What has been the highlight of your studies at DIME?
The Masterclasses definitely. Les Nubians, George Clinton, Eric Roberson, and OHMYGOODNESS, my fav: Underground System. Love them. I would love to tour with them one day. I said, it’s happening!



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