Short Courses at DIME Detroit!

Short Courses at DIME Detroit!

Class is in session Wednesday nights from 7-9pm on October 11-November 15th


Instructor: Katie Else
Can you sing different musical styles with authenticity and authority? Each week of this short course will focus on vocal technique, allowing singers to take steps towards being a versatile professional, stretching outside of their comfort zones and better preparing them to perform in any situation. Instructor Katie Else has a long list of accomplishments in music, including being the first American touring lead singer for the Broadway show, Riverdance. Katie will bring her extensive touring and teaching experience into the DIME classroom for this short course.


your song

Instructor: Antea Shelton

This course will help hone your skills as a wordsmith, with topics including methods used to write a song, dissecting imagery, metaphor, and simile within lyrics, analyzing traditional lyrical devices found in both contemporary hit songs as well as indie classics, and exercises designed to work through writer’s block, allowing songwriters to jump start their creative process. This course is led by DIME’s Head of Songwriting, Antea Shelton, who is a signed and published songwriter with UMG. Antea and her sister Aneesha, who pen under the name A.Plus, have written songs for Beyonce, J.Lo, Mary J Blige, Justin Bieber, and more. They will bring their wealth of experience to this class!

Instructor: Stephanie Belcher

How does an artist forge a path from the local clubs to the top of the charts? How does an entrepreneur make their mark on today’s music industry? This informative class will discuss the in’s-and-out’s of licensing, publishing, copyright, marketing, promotion, and most importantly, how to build your business! Stephanie Belcher works as a strategist and consultant in the metro Detroit arts and music scene. She has helped many entrepreneurs, artists, and musicians execute their big ideas. In addition, she is a fierce entrepreneur, who owns and operates several businesses devoted to marketing, promotion, and booking local and regional artists and musicians. With a background in tax accounting, business management, and marketing, she brings a valuable perspective to her students.


Instructor: Drew Schultz

What are the building blocks of a beat? This course breaks down the elements of music that make listeners want to dance or sing along to an instrumental backing track. While exploring the basics of music production, recording, and beatmaking, students will also learn the concepts of sequencing drum beats, understanding different types of rhythm and subdivisions, creating chord progressions that add emotion to the music, and composing a catchy melody. Instructor Drew Schultz is a prolific drummer/producer/writer who has performed with artists including the Temptations and Aretha Franklin, and worked in audio production with artists including ?uestlove, Maurice White of Earth Wind & Fire, CeeLo Green, and more. His knowledge of instrumental music combined with his studio experience will give students a unique insight to beatmaking and production through the lens of musicianship and composition.

This class has ended. 

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