SESSIONS: VOLUME 1 Now Available!


The Detroit Institute of Music Education (DIME) releases its first album featuring student artists with “Sessions: Volume 1”. The album, with 10 tracks plus a bonus track, will be available June 23 on iTunes and Amazon, and at the DIME downtown location at 1265 Griswold St. in Detroit. The album was produced by Original 1265 Recordings, and will be distributed nationwide through Caroline Records.

The songs on “Sessions: Volume 1”, each written, performed and produced by DIME students and staff, is an eclectic mix of alternative rock, folk, R&B and EDM. “Sessions: Volume 1 showcases the musicianship of the students, which is at an extremely high level.

“DIME SESSIONS Vol 1 is designed to be a first hand experience for our students of what it’s like when you actually start working in the professional music industry. Dealing with mysterious things like A&R, Pre-production, high-level recording etc can be very daunting when it’s your first time, and it’s important to prepare for success and enjoy the experience. Everyone has done a great job here and this album stands up as an excellent representation of the progress that these musicians and songwriters have made in their first year at DIME. Having historically made 11 of these albums in the UK, it’s been amazing to see some of those featured such as James Bay and Tom Odell go on to become massive worldwide stars, and I am sure that over the years the same will happen here in Detroit” comments DIME President, Kevin Nixon.


Gabriella – Behave
Ms. Willa Rae & the Minor Arcana – Ladylike
Musically Kompromised – Love Jones
Fifth and Main – (Little Black Dress & Those) Dancing Shoes
Murder House Party – Blood In My Phone
Space Baby – Dreams Like Molasses
Max Pegasus – Doll
Al’exist – Love Again
Reed Knight – Creature of the Night
Ryan Harrison – Sleep Paralysis
KARE – It’s All Up To You

Check out the album on Soundcloud

Student Quotes
DIME songwriting student, Jack Stablein, of Fifth & Main, called the experience of recording their song “(Little Black Dress & Those) Dancing Shoes” “eye-opening, because we saw how much goes into refining the music of the final product. Having a well-written song is the first hurdle, but getting the band and the song ready for recording was a learning experience I know we’re all grateful for.”

DIME guitar student, Ryan Harrison said, “Being a part of the DIME album was an incredible experience that gave me a glimpse of what it takes to be in the music industry.”

DIME songwriting student Anthony Gainey, Jr., who wrote and played keyboards on Love Jones called the process “fun, collaborative and professional. My producer (Joe Flavor) took the song to a greater level musically. I think as a songwriter and producer, I hope to work with recording artists all around the world. I hope to inspire people to make music and respect the artistry.”

Fans can download the entire album on iTunes or Amazon or purchase a CD at DIME or any DIME event for $10.00.

Media Contacts
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