No place I’d rather be,’ DIME was the right choice for me

As six DIME Detroit drum students walked to lunch recently, they broke out in a beatbox harmony of “My Girl” by The Temptations.

The impromptu performance admittedly triggered some odd glances from others passing by on the sidewalk.
It also served as a reminder why Duane Hewins, Jonathon Staten, Dalton Sitzler, Will Daniels, Christopher Williams, and Jack Reedy have grown to love DIME and each other.
“We all came from different backgrounds, but we all have one goal,” said Jack Reedy. “I’m realizing a dream by being around like-minded people who want music success and want to be their best.
“We’re one big happy family and we’re all here to push each other. There’s no place I’d rather be than DIME.”
Reedy’s feelings are shared by DIME students who understand that a real-world music education prepares them for entry into the industry and a sustained, successful career. Students are meeting industry professionals, developing their individual styles and techniques, and learning the business end from the inside.
Just as the best learning and preparation for a teacher occurs in the classroom and an aspiring chef needs to be in the kitchen, DIME places students in the middle of music environments to gain experience.

Sitzler, who was going to study at a traditional school of music before learning about DIME, remains amazed by the daily interactions with instructors and the drop-ins by accomplished professionals.
“They teach you everything that is going to be relevant for your career,” Dalton said. “That’s how you know you’re in the right place.”
“DIME was a game-changer. I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to learn and study under professionals who are out there making a career out of music like we want to do.”
Staten, meanwhile, said the close-knit relationships developed at DIME are special.
“We’re all on the same journey together, and that was something that was lonely before we got here. We were doing it on our own, and now we’ve changed our lives and our course,” he said. “I’ve met my brothers here.”

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