What is next after DIME graduation?

When Ali Wiercioch graduates from the Detroit Institute of Music Education this spring, the Michigan native doesn’t plan to stray far from home.
The folk singer and songwriter intends to launch her career in the booming Detroit music scene.
“DIME has set me up and introduced me to people who will help me get started,” Ali said. “I want to stay true to who I am and that’s working here, making a difference in this community.
“My goal isn’t to be famous, it’s to do what I love.”
She’ll be doing it alongside fellow DIME graduate, guitarist Jimmy Showers. Jimmy and Ali have already played local shows together and seen their education work for them even before they finish their studies.
“There are so many avenues for us to be a part of music here,” Ali said. “It’s an exciting time to be in Detroit and we’ve been so lucky to have DIME be here for us.”
The passion for music is ingrained in all DIME students and their instructors, all of whom are music industry veterans who have shown the way to success. There is no limit to what the students can achieve and they’ve seen that with visits from industry professionals, including award-winning artists, tour managers, songwriters, marketing representatives, and sound engineers, among others.
DIME students learn to be entrepreneurs and it is inspiring, said Will Daniels, a drum student.
“I’ve been exposed to so much here that I’m ready for anything,” Will said. “I can make a living playing and I can use my other talents to help others succeed.”
Will is going to chase a pair of projects to begin his professional career. Will plans on playing in multiple bands while also developing a personal entertainment company that he started while at DIME.
Another drummer, Jack Reedy, says he wants to see the world while touring. He knows that won’t happen overnight, but with the exposure DIME has given him to the industry, he’s confident it will happen.
“It won’t be overnight, I know that,” Jack said. “One of the things I’ve learned here is you get one gig and it leads to another. That contact will get you another, and it snowballs. It’s out there and it’s on us to go get it.”