Instructor Spotlight: Nate Dorough

As a talent buyer and founder of Fusion Shows and talent buyer for The Crofoot Presents, Nate Dorough brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the classroom for aspiring music entrepreneurs. We look forward to hearing from him and Dan McGowan (Owner, The Crofoot) at their Detroit Success Stories masterclass this Friday, March 8th from 1-3pm in The Underground! 

Tell us about your background; how did you get started working in the music industry? What inspired you to work in music?
This is a very, very long story. I started as an RA in college at a small school, booking “concerts” as they required two events per semester. Half of campus showed up to a couple of pretty terrible shows, but you could say I caught the bug then. I’ve always loved going to shows, but never realized there was an economy besides the major corporations. I just did it punk-rock style for years, made a ton of mistakes, and eventually honed my craft.


What do you do when you’re not working at DIME?
I book shows! Lots of em. 300-400 per year. I’m a talent buyer for Fusion Shows (and founder) and The Crofoot Presents. And I’ve been married for 14+ years to my favorite person, and have a three year old daughter, my other favorite person.

What is your favorite class to teach at DIME?
I only teach one (Establishing an Artist) so this one’s not a fair question to answer just yet!

nate 1

What has been your proudest moment as a DIME Instructor?
There hasn’t been a ton just yet. Just making it to class, the way the weather’s been this semester, has been a prideful moment each time it happens. I just like when something clicks with a student in class, when you can see the light bulb go on.

Who are your biggest musical inspirations?
I grew up a child of the grunge era. I used to stack pillows and blankets on the floor and “stage dive” off the couch to Nirvana’s “Lithium” music video on MTV. Favorite acts include Nirvana, Our Lady Peace, Stone Temple Pilots, Thrice, Jason Isbell, and Tupac Shakur.

What are you listening to right now? Do you have any recommendations we should check out?
I’m listening to a mostly 90s playlist on Spotify, at the moment. I also manage Shortly, a Detroit indie/emo artist, so I’d say check her out, along with some of my other favorite locals, including Michigander, Joe Hertler, Olivia Millerschin, Flint Eastwood, Tunde Olaniran. That list is endless. New records I love include mewithoutYou‘s latest, The Beths, Ratboys, Now Now, Boygenius, Foxing, and Drug Church. Actually, those are all 2018. I honestly have kind of tuned out a little in 2019, but I need to change that!