Hip Hop Loves Mom Playlist

By Edward Strong

Hip Hop often gets a bad rap (no pun intended) for it’s lyrics towards women. However there are numerous songs that uplift, celebrate and honor women as a collective. As you are celebrating the important women in your life today…check out some of the most notorious hip hop songs in which the artists honor the loving nature of their Mothers.

Drake- Look What You’ve Done
In this song, Drake depicts the journey he traveled from living with his mother (Sandi) with health issues to providing everything that he feels that she deserves. Drake gives a legitimately touching tribute to his mother, grandmother and uncle on this stand out from the album “Take Care”.

Eminem, who is often considered the biggest rapper in world, painted his childhood relationship with his mother Debbie in raw emotion in songs like “Cleaning out my closet” but, here in Headlights we see a mature Eminem issue a public apology to his mom, over a John Lennon sampled beat entitled “Mother” . It’s hard not to feel the conviction in Em’s voice from this “Marshall Mathers LP 2” breakout hit.

Kanye West-Hey Mama
The polarizing creative genius creates a diamond of a ballad that was dedicated to his mother Donda West before her untimely death in 2007. West debuted the song from the album “Late Registration” on Oprah with his mother in the audience, and Donda liked it so much it was actually her ringtone!

Jay-Z-Blueprint(Momma Loves Me)
Here, the music mogul Jay-z paints a very vivid picture of his humble childhood beginnings living in Brooklyn, New York. Not only does his mother receive his appreciation in this titled track from “The Blueprint”, his friends and family are highlighted here as they also contributed to his early development and success.

R.Kelly-I Wish
In this tear jerker of a ballad, R. Kelly writes a song that is dedicated to his late mother from the album TP2.com. “I Wish” spent three weeks at number-one on the U.S. R&B chart and peaked at number fourteen on the U.S. pop chart.

Tupac- Dear Momma
We close the playlist with one of the most important hip hop songs of all time… Tupac’s “Dear Momma” from the album “Me against the world” it’s as powerful, as it is honest. Retelling the progression of his mother’s journey and development. Tupac created a song at 23 years old that stood the testament of time. As it was the third hip-hop act ever (after Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five’s “The Message”“ and Public Enemy’s album, Fear of a Black Planet) to be placed in the Library of Congress.

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