Audra Kubat – Songwriting

Audra Kubat- Songwriting

Audra Kubat is a Detroit-born singer-songwriter who began composing music on the piano at the age of 8. By her teens, she was adding lyrics to the songs, then singing at local coffeehouses. By 1999, she had created her band, Stunning Amazon. In November of that year, Stunning Amazon released a self-titled album, which was locally successful enough to pave the way toward bigger shows and media appearances. By 2000, Kubat was nominated for five Detroit Music Awards, including one win for Best Folk Artist. While some people celebrate their birthday every year, Kubat celebrates being nominated for a Detroit Music Award every year—a distinction she has held for over a decade. Kubat continues to perform solo material and her first record, Elixir, paved the way for her follow-up, Until Now, which she released on her own label (Remedy Records) in 2003. Upon hearing the record, Times Beach Records came a-knocking and signed her for two national records, Million Year Old Sand (2004) and Since I Fell in Love with the Music (2006). Both albums earned positive reviews and were featured in Time-Out NY, NME, Harp, Hour Detroit, Metro-Times, Real Detroit Weekly, The Detroit News and The Detroit Free Press.
When she’s not touring nationally, Kubat composes music for independent films. Her work can be heard on The Death of Michael Smith, In-Zero, and a surfing documentary titled High Surf. She has also created the ambiance for several local theater productions, scoring everything from dramas to festivals. In 2014, Kubat wrote music to accompany the massive projection-mapping spectacle on the façade of the Detroit Public Library, which was part of Detroit’s D-lectricity Festival of Lights.
For over a decade, Kubat has taught songwriting to students of various ages, from primary to post-secondary. She hosts open mic nights around the city of Detroit and has fostered the careers of many budding songwriters by hosting workshops. She currently attends Wayne State University, where she is finishing up her BA in English with minor degrees in art history, music, theater, and fine arts.