How DIME prepared my child for a music industry career

Lea Wiercioch has no doubts about what DIME Detroit has done to prepare her daughter, Ali, for a career in the professional music industry during the last three years.

In one word: “Everything.”

In many more, Lea said: “They’ve got you covered here. Ali’s grown as a person and as a musician, and she’s prepared for everything a career in music can throw at her. They’ve stretched her ability; they’ve taught her the business end of the industry – the legal intricacies, everything.

“They are going to give (your student) the tools to grow and be the best (they can) be. They’ll teach you at every step and cover all the bases. I’ve been blown away.”

Ali, an aspiring folk vocalist and songwriter, will be a part of DIME Detroit’s first graduating class in June 2017. She was among a group of students – and their parents – who took a chance and were rewarded through attending the new school in downtown Detroit. The mother-daughter pair share the optimism of Ali stepping out of the world of education and into a career.

“I’ve already done things I never thought I would – I performed on stage with George Clinton – but there’s so much more that I’m ready to do now,” Ali said. “I could not feel more prepared and I’m not afraid to graduate like some of my friends attending other colleges.”

Steven Showers, whose son Jimmy will also graduate in May, places a high value on career development as part of higher education. That emphasis has been rewarded at DIME, where Jimmy has been immersed in the music field, both in class and in Detroit. The instructors, Steven points out, are working musicians who know what success takes.

“They are here to coach and counsel and pay it forward to that next generation of musicians,” Steven said. “They’ve looked at his strengths and weaknesses and made him better, made him more prepared.

“That’s what you get at DIME that you’re not going to get anywhere else.”

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