Life After Graduation with Jimmy Showers and Edgar Duenas

Our recent DIME Detroit graduates have hit the ground running, working as professionals in their respective fields and integrating the lessons learned at DIME into everyday life! We caught up with two of our 2017 graduates to find out what they have been up to since graduation.

Guitarist, Jimmy Showers, has accepted a touring role with a platinum recording artist Uncle Kracker. Jimmy was initially employed as a Guitar Tech, but quickly graduated to Stage Tech, and now holds the role of Stage Manager! Over the past few months, Jimmy has traveled to over 30 states in the USA and parts of Canada too. He had this to say about his experience:

“Since graduation, life in music has brought many new experiences and lessons. I know that DIME has helped me to prepare for all of the new changes so far and those to come. I will continue work Stage Managing while I also pursue my own creative interests!”

Jimmy also shared how his DIME experience has helped him, and expressed his thanks to the DIME team:

“My experience at DIME and the relationships I built there have transformed my life. If you would’ve told me five years ago that I could build a career in the music industry, I would’ve never believed it. I am beyond thankful to the staff at DIME for helping prepare me to enter the real world of working in the music industry.”

Jimmy Showers, BA (Hons) Creative Music Performance (Guitar) Graduate

Jimmy Showers1

Music Entrepreneurship graduate, Edgar Duenas, has also gone straight into work in the music industry! He recently accepted a role in Guest Services with historic Detroit entertainment venue The Fillmore, and had this to say about his first day on the job:

“My first show at the Fillmore was a blast. Everyone that works at the Fillmore was very friendly and they all work hard for each other. It was amazing seeing how quickly the Fillmore team can set up and take down an entire show in such a short time. I look forward to working more concerts and can’t wait to see where the company will take me in the future.”

Edgar Duenas, BA (Hons) Music Entrepreneurship Graduate