Caring for the Whole Musician: DIME Detroit’s Fall 2018 Wellness Week

It's tough being a college student - balancing work, school, friends, and family obligations can be difficult for anyone. It’s also hard to be a creative, whether that’s as a performer, writer, or visionary entrepreneur. At DIME, we know that it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the pressures of student life and the music industry.

That’s why DIME’s Student Services team takes a week every semester to encourage students to focus on their personal wellbeing. This semester, DIME Detroit's Wellness Week took place from September 17 – 21.

Wellness activities kicked off with Peaches and Greens Market setting up a farm stand in our Acoustic Space. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and other healthy snacks were available for purchase.


To help students find some balance, DIME brought in Lauren Tatarsky, a yoga instructor, to lead a yoga workshop. Stretches and poses focused on the unique needs of student musicians, from drummers' sore wrists to stressed-out shoulders.

Meditation, Vision Boards, Dancing, and more!

Other activities during Wellness Week included a guided meditation session led by Music Industry Studies instructor Toya Hankins, a vision board workshop led by Campus Manager DeAnna Johnson, and a nutrition and recipe information table from Michigan State's Extension Nutrition Education program. Head of Music Industry Studies, Stephanie Belcher, also led students in a fun, stress-relieving session of Just Dance! Another highlight of the week was Juanita Tookes, a PhD candidate in Counseling Education, leading an extended session designed to address mental health concerns specific to musicians. Students were able to learn about positive coping mechanisms, dealing with stress, and how to get help.

As professionals who use their minds, bodies, and emotions as a vital part of their work every day, it's important for musicians to take time to rest and reflect. DIME’s Student Services is happy to provide these opportunities to our students each semester!

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