Alumni Spotlight: Max Preissner (Bachelor of Arts in Music Entrepreneurship)


Max Price

Less than a month from the 2018 Graduation ceremony, we recently sat down with 2018 DIME DETROIT Music Entrepreneurship and Falmouth Graduate, Max Preissner (Max Price) to discuss his musical journey post-graduation, his recent music releases.

1.) You were recently a part of the largest graduating class at DIME. Can you share with us what your experiences have been after graduation?

Since I have graduated from DIME, life has been very exciting. I finished up my debut E.P. The Light, started putting together a band for live performances, applied and got accepted to Berklee College of Music’s Master’s program, shot some music videos, and continued promotion for my sponsor People’s Choice.

The Light Cover

  1. 2.) How has DIME prepared you for your professional journey throughout the music industry?

DIME has prepared me for my music career in many ways. Not only was I able to earn my degree in Music Business which is my passion, I was also given the knowledge and support from an amazing staff to get my career off the ground. Thanks to DIME I now have the experience and the connections necessary to be successful wherever the music industry takes me.

  1. 3.) You were recently accepted to Berklee’s Master’s Program for Music Business, can you tell us about your process?

This year is actually the first year that Berklee is offering an online Master’s degree in Music Business and also in Music Production. To apply, all I had to do was write a paper about why I am a good fit for their program, submit my resume, and get two letters of recommendation. Without DIME, I would not have had the bio or the recommendations that helped me get in.

Max Price 3

  1. 4.) What are your next steps in your career?

Beyond furthering my education with my Master’s degree, there are a few other things I am working on to get my music career to the next level. I am currently booking shows for the fall and winter of 2018, as well as starting to plan my second tour of Colorado in the spring, possibly adding on California. I am also working with some connections in the public school system, who will help get me into assemblies and talk to high schoolers about staying away from drugs, pursuing the arts, and being an entrepreneur.

  1. 5.) Can we expect any future music releases?

My debut E.P. “The Light” will soon be available on all platforms and I will also have a music video coming out for each song. After that I plan on releasing another E.P. at the beginning of next year.

  1. 6.) What advice would you give to future DIME students?
  1. My advice for future DIME students would be to not only try as hard as you can inside the classroom, but outside as well. The stuff that you are learning can only benefit you if you put it to use, and college is a great time to practice in the real world while you have teachers and students around to help you and give you advice.

 Max Price 4

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