Adventures with Vultures – Junction EP OUT NOW!


AWV_JunctionEP_CoverSupport DIME Detroit songwriting student and Original 1265 recording artist, Adventures with Vultures. Check out his new Junction EP! Click here to listen now! 


A folk singer-songwriter evokes a certain image. Matt Sauter breaks that image. With his backward ball cap, knuckle tattoos, and knee-shredded shorts, the lone singer/songwriter behind Adventures with Vultures tinkers with the image of what a folk singer should be. Adventures With Vultures’ Matt Sauter, who was a mere 24 years old when he signed with Original 1265 Recordings, hails from Plymouth—a small town that sits roughly 25 miles outside of Detroit.

That location is crucial to his music: a rural area outside a major city. After all, like all good folk music, Adventures With Vultures’ songs are about specific places and the people who give those places their personality. Stylistically, it’s different from what Sauter is used to—he spent the better part of this decade writing hip-hop music, not folk music. Mos Def and J. Cole are cited among his influences, but so are Carol King, Shakey Graves, and Nathaniel Rateliff. Perhaps that’s why Adventures With Vultures brings a welcome, abrasive quality to tender, stripped-down songs.


“The Junction EP isn’t just a project for me,” he states, “it’s for my family that I grew up with in Plymouth, MI.  It’s for all the years of making music with my brothers who gave up the same dream I’m still chasing.  It’s for all the nights recording at my buddy Fritz’s house until 5am and all the nights playing shows in front of 5 people. This EP is for all the nights writing lyrics and mastering my craft. It’s for Plymouth, Junction street and all the groups I once played with: GATSBYSecond In LineHere For The Fight and Morte Novella and Real MIT Records. I’m not done chasing my dream, it’s been the same damn dream since the 2nd grade!”

A folk singer, it is true, evokes a certain image. Meet Matt Sauter—an invigorating folk singer who will change that image.

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