Graduate Spotlight: Ryan Harrison (Bachelor of Arts in Commercial Music Performance)

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  2. We recently sat down with 2017 DIME DETROIT and Falmouth Graduate, Ryan Harrison to discuss his musical journey post-graduation, his recent WDIV “Daily Jams” performance and his biggest musical influences.
    1. 1. You were a part of the first graduating class at DIME Detroit. How has life been post-graduation?
  3. In the year since I graduated from DIME, I have been exploring all of the possible ways that I can create a steady income in music. I have been teaching guitar lessons, gigging several times each month, and I am now working for DIME Online. I have only scratched the surface of all the things I can do, but I have made some great progress so far.


  1. 2. How was it performing on WDIV’s “Daily Jams” with Ally Evenson?
  1. Performing on WDIV with Ally Evenson in her band was a lot of fun. This was my second time on the show, so I knew exactly what to expect and was better prepared. I think the program is a great way to showcase the upcoming artists in the area.

Click here to watch Ryan perform “Hunger” alongside lead vocalist Ally Evenson!

Allye WDIV
  1. 3. How has DIME Detroit enriched your music career?
  1. DIME has provided me with a lot of opportunities, both during my time as a student and post-graduation. I now work at the institution part-time, and I get offered a lot of gigs internally as well. Plus there are a lot of instructors and faculty there that are always open to helping me, even after graduating.


  1. 4. Who are your biggest musical influences?
  1. Some of my favorite guitar players are Rick Graham, John Frusciante, Dave Davidson, Rob Compa, and many many others. I would say my biggest musical influences are some of my former teachers at DIME and other professionals who are working in the industry and gigging every week. They are doing exactly what I am striving to accomplish.
Campus Martius Group - EM
  1. 5. What advice would you give to someone who is interested in enrolling at DIME?
  1. My advice to someone enrolling at DIME is to be prepared to dedicate several hours every day to practice your instrument. You should also be prepared to step into a professional environment. You are now taking steps to become a professional musician, and you should start acting like one. Show up to class on time and show up to class prepared. Your instructors and classmates will appreciate it and take notice of it. It is impossible to be over-rehearsed or over prepared.

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