5 Reasons Detroit is the Best City to Be a 20-Something

By Allye Gaietto

Detroit is right in DIME’s name because we couldn’t be more proud to call this city our home. Here are some reasons to make it yours, too!

1. Rent is (relatively) cheap.

On a small budget, anything that costs more than free can seem like a stretch, but when compared to other cities of similar size, Detroit’s rent decidedly qualifies as cheap. Better deals can be found by moving a little further outside of the downtown area and commuting (luckily, a parking pass is included in DIME tuition!) but downtown living is not totally out of a student’s price range, especially with a roommate or two.

2. We have great food.

Detroit was named the best “unexpected” city for food in North America by National Geographic. Detroiters totally expected it, though. Get your Lafayette Coney Dogs steps from DIME’s campus (American lovers, rethink your life choices) or take a quick hop to close-by neighborhoods for food from all over the world. You can find excellent spots for Middle Eastern, Thai, Polish, Greek and Mexican cuisine all within a few minutes from DIME, whether you’re walking or driving. You can also find fresh, local ingredients to cook at home at Eastern Market, the largest historic public market district in the United States.

Blog pic 1
A man plays saxophone at Eastern Market; image from the Huffington Post

3. Our public art is mind-blowing.

Public art is everywhere in Detroit. From sweeping murals on downtown high-rises, to a major street turned into an art district, visitors and residents alike are constantly met with incredible surprises. Some of the best hotspots for street art in the city are within a five-minute drive from DIME, including Lincoln Street Art Park, the Eastern Market district, and the Grand River Creative Corridor. If you’re looking for a bigger adventure, check out this list of must-see pieces from the Free Press.

Blog 2
A dinosaur made of found objects at Lincoln Street Art Park; image from chosenbythefunk.com

4. There are tons of weekend vacay options.

This is less about what’s in Detroit, and more about what’s around it, but I’m willing to make the exception if you are. Detroit’s surroundings are part of its appeal. There are some awesome parks in the city – Belle Isle picnics, anyone? – but if you want to get into nature without a skyline in sight, there are plenty of places within a three hour drive, especially since we’re so close to four out of five of the Great Lakes. Check out Port Austin at the tip of Michigan’s “thumb” for Instagram-worthy rock formations (2.5 hour drive), find your passport and head to Ontario’s beautiful Point Pelee National Park (1 hour drive), or make the trip across the state to my hometown of Muskegon (3 hour drive) to hike the sand dunes at Hoffmaster State Park. If those don’t strike your fancy, check out this list of great road trips starting from Detroit.

Turnip Rock in Port Austin, MI; image from portaustinkayak.com

5. The music scene!

No list about Detroit is complete without mentioning its music. With newer venues like El Club and Marble Bar, long-standing dives like PJ’s Lager House and Small’s, and historic beauties like the Fillmore and Cliff Bell’s, there is something for everyone. There are too many great venues and bands to list here, and we haven’t even gotten to the festivals! There’s always something to listen to in Detroit, and there are tons of options for cool places to listen.

And, finally…

6. DIME students are here!

Okay, this is a bonus. But our students at DIME are making Detroit a cooler, better, more musical city every day, so there was no way I could leave them out.

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