Kevin Nixon

Kevin Nixon is a music industry professional. In a career spanning more than 40 years he has amassed a wealth of experience as a musician, recording artist, songwriter, producer, artist manager and music educator. In addition in being responsible for the sale of millions of records and shaping the destiny for platinum selling artists in… Read more »

Sarah Clayman

Sarah Clayman is a music industry professional who has worked in various areas of the music industry since a very young age.While some children follow their parents to become doctors or lawyers – Sarah Clayman knew she wanted to follow her father’s example and become a music industry professional. Born in London, Sarah grew up… Read more »

Jess Hamlin

Jess is the mastermind behind the student experience for both DIME ONLINE and DIME DETROIT. Jess works with students by offering one-to-one pastoral support on assessment, exams, and progression.

Michelle Jay

It takes a while before struggling musicians can become spendthrift Grammy-winners. Until then, there’s Michelle Jay, who oversees the school’s finances and advises students through their financial queries.