Do I Qualify To Study?

Are your ready to start your application, but unsure if you qualify?

There are a few options – for inside the UK, international, as well as for applicants who may not possess the qualifications, but have playing and work experience.

For qualifications to be considered current they need to be completed in the past 5 years.

All applicants aiming to specialise in performance should be able to perform to an intermediate to semi professional level.

In the UK?

We would require a UK Level 3 qualification or above. A typical offer is between 260 and 300 UCAS points, mainly from the A2 level or equivalent Level 3 qualifications.

You will need to supply a copy/scan of the transcript and certificate for verification.

International applicant?

As a guide they would have to be equivalent to the UK Level 3 qualifications or above. If you are an international applicant and want to verify your qualifications will be accepted, please contact Recruitment and Admissions.

You will need to supply an English (officially translated) copy/scan of the transcript and certificate for verification.

What if I don’t have the necessary qualifications or they are out of date?

DIME ONLINE will consider individuals who have playing and work experience, but have not achieved the full level of credit or if their qualifications are older than 5 years. This process is called APEL (Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning). This will be assessed on an individual basis.

Note: Due to the creative nature of the courses, applicants will be considered on individual merit and should contact DIME ONLINE if they are predicted to have obtained qualification outside of this range and time limit.

What if English is not my first language?

If English isn’t your first language, you will be required to complete or to have completed an Academic IELTS or ToEFL exam within the past two years. Other international English language qualifications may be acceptable, please contact Admissions and Recruitment for more information.

Applicants are responsible for organising their own exam and supplying us with the certificate.

Required scores:

If you have completed an academic qualification at least equivalent to a UK Bachelors degree- which was taught in English you may be able to proceed without the exam, but you must provide verifiable evidence upon application.